Cocoa metro in THE news:

San Francisco Chronicle - "Cocoa Metro Races into Hall of Fame"

At the very top was Cocoa Metro Belgian chocolate milk, which soared into our Taster's Choice Hall of Fame with one of our highest scores of the year - 91 points, well above the required 80 for entry into the hall.

This "adult milk" was "dark," "rich" and 'intense" - "like melted bittersweet chocolate" mixed with milk. All five would buy this brand.

The Results:

Cocoa Metro 91

Dairy Goddess 64

Kalona Supernatural 63

Lucerne (reduced fat) 61

Organic Valley 60

Shamrock Farms 60

Horizon 47

Fresh & Easy 47

Nesquick 44

Lucerne (full fat) 42

TruMoo 33

Clover Stornetta 24

O Organics 15


BevNET Review Gives Cocoa Metro 5 Stars

Nowadays, most startup beverage companies are focused on things like energy drinks, coconut water, and antioxidant laden juice drinks, it’s refreshing to see a company that’s doing something as seemingly simple as chocolate milk. Really, we don’t remember ever seeing a start-up chocolate milk company, but hey, there’s a first for everything. Fortunately, Cocoa Metro has created what we can safely call the best chocolate milk ever created – they’ve nailed both the flavor and the packaging. Inside the bottle, Cocoa Metro is rich and velvety, with a chocolate flavor that’s best compared to melted chocolate ice cream. There’s a slight grit from the Belgian chocolate, but that only reinforces the quality of ingredients that they’ve used. And unlike your typical mass produced chocolate milk, this product has only five ingredients. On the outside, we love the heavy, old-fashioned glass bottle, which is a throwback to the days of the milk man. The minimalist design is clean and visually appealing, with the white text working with the brown backdrop to let your senses focus on the richness of the chocolate milk that’s waiting inside the bottle. Overall, Cocoa Metro is the perfect example of how a classic product with a modern touch can create a product that’s as relevant and exciting as any trendy beverage on the market today. Without hesitation, this is a five star product.



Improper Bostonian Bestows Imperative Status on Cocoa Metro:


Improper Bostonian + Cocoa Metro



Boston Globe  . by Lisa Zwirn

Dark chocolate fans who normally shun milk chocolate can now enjoy Cocoa Metro Dark Drinking Chocolate, made with Belgian natural cocoa, and plenty of it. It tastes richer, thicker, and more intensely chocolaty than most other chocolate milks. Even made with 2 percent low-fat milk, Cocoa Metro is about half the fat and calories of ice cream: 240 calories for 1 cup. The milk comes from Vermont cows; it’s custom blended at a Massachusetts dairy and sold in handsome old-fashioned, returnable glass bottles. Drink chocolate and support local agriculture.


Business Week . by Di Meglio

Putting Passion to Work

Looking at business school and the startup as a long-term investment gets some MBA students through the sleepless nights. Passion about their ideas helps, too. Michael Dunford, who is expected to graduate from Babson's evening MBA in December 2010, and his wife Elizabeth, are chocolate lovers. Before Dunford entered school, he had an idea for a store selling chocolate products from around the world. Through his research, he and his wife decided that a high-end chocolate milk product was missing from the market, and that they could fill that niche. "Starbucks had done it for coffee, but no one had done it with chocolate," says Dunford.

With 10 years of marriage under their belt, the Dunfords went to work in their kitchen creating a recipe for decadent chocolate milk—a big step up from the kind your kids are drinking, says Dunford. The two made the recipe by themselves and are working diligently to build the company Cocoa Metro, says Dunford. They've beaten their sales projections, received help from the school especially with PR efforts, and received the first shipment of bottles recently. They won't easily give up their aspirations, says Dunford.